For the past 15 years, I have worn hair replacement grafts. I've seen many improvements and advances in the industry which continues to instill confidence in me today. At 21st Century Hair Company, Joan's attention to detail and meticulous care always assures me of looking my best. Joan and her staff strive to give each client the best possible style and natural look. This commitment to quality gives me the freedom to relax and never worry about whether people are checking out my hair when I'm talking to them. My hair feels and looks as natural as anyone's looks. Thanks Joan for your honest care and support. You always give 100 percent and I am proud to be a client of 21st Century Hair.


I have been using hair replacement technology and products for over 10 years now, and have been to many different companies that offer this service over the years. 21st century Hair Company Inc. simply has the best service, the most skilled technicians and offers the most cutting edge technology available in hair restoration today. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Thin, fine hair - that has always been my problem. With the birth of each child, my hair grew even thinner. By the time my third daughter had been born, I had a very noticeable problem! People asked if I had been ill, and it took forever to try to cover up my "thin spots". At this point, no amount of teasing, curling or hair spray would cover all the "spots". I avoided bright lights at all costs; you could see right through my hair. It was then, that I was introduced to "The Hair Replacement Clinic" of the 21st Century Hair Company. My husband, a family physician, was skeptical. He insisted on accompanying me to my consultation. We were both very pleased! We were met by caring professionals, in clean, pleasant and private surroundings. All our questions were promptly answered, and our fears allayed. "You look fabulous! - 10 years younger - you look great, what have you done?!". All music to my ears. I had been fitted with a beautiful "piece", which matched my color perfectly. I can wash it, curl it, and for the first time in years, am able to have "good hair days" again. When I had some difficulty styling my new hair, the friendly and courteous staff took time to guide and inform me, - after all - it's been about 20 years since I've had this much hair. My husband is very pleased with the outcome, - so much so that he has recommended "The Hair Replacement Clinic" to a Dermatologist for hair enhancement referrals. He also distributes the business cards amongst his own interested patients. I personally am thrilled! I have nothing but praise for "The Hair Replacement Clinic" of the 21st Century Hair Company, and would recommend them highly to anyone, male or female, with any hair problem; thin or balding! They are truly "hair doctors", able and willing to help with every problem.

Thank you to the Clinic at 21st Century Hair Company - for giving me back my hair and my personality.